Ted Draper art, Poolbar Festival

Poolbar Land of the Free Music and Culture Festival

About the Poolbar festival

Poolbar is a music/arts/dance/cultural festival, located in an old indoor pool building. You can see it on the attached photo. I hav contacted Herwig Bauer, we will send you a load of material, an abstract in Englsh, and so on.

The line-up is very high level pop culture, indie rock, electronics. You can see the website here, (also by us)

About our use of Teddy's paintings

For this years festival, we wanted something completely new. We have a financial crisis over here, just as you have. People are completely fed up with news about how things go worse and how we don't stand a chance to keep our jobs. If we go to Poolbar, we enter the Land of the Free. It means enjoying the freedom of our minds, imagination of stereotypical comparisons to American Natives. For us, Teddys paintings are a very impressive symbol for freedom and hope. To see the good things in all bad that happens. And they are very beautiful, very intense. Something like the depiction of our desire for freedom.

So, itís not like "we're doing Indians this year". We started off with our search for art, that expresses freedom and gives hope, and ended up googling Teddys E-mail address. It was simple and plain pleasure to work with him.

--Oliver Ruhm--

Teddy Draper Jr., Poolbar Festival Music and Culture

Teddy Draper Jr., Poolbar Festival Music and Culture

Teddy Draper Jr., Poolbar Festival Music and Culture

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