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Teddy Draper, Jr. - Coach

Renowned Navajo artist, painter and teacher , Teddy Draper, Jr. devotes much of his free time and efforts to the Chinle Youth Athletic Club; a volunteer drug and alcohol awareness group which helps to provide organized and supervised athletic competitions as an alternative to substance abuse. As a basketball coach he spends his time during the winter months traveling the Southwest with his teams for games and tournament competitions.

Teddy Draper, Jr., renowned Navajo Artist will be exhibiting his work at the Santa Fe Indian Market, August 23-24, 2014.

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2003 Arizona Bluebirds - Basketball Congress International 2003 National Championships

2003 Arizona Bluebirds Team

Back Row: Coach Teddy Draper, Jr., Courtney Norberto, Talia Lee, Tanisha Watson, Tashina Fredricks, Nicolette Tsosie, Parent/Asst., Coach Peter Stuart

Front Row: Lindall Yazzie, Reba Francisco, Eva Stuart, Shandall Yazzie, Nicole Nez, not pictured - Coach Tawny Draper

2004 Arizona Bluebirds - AAU Championship Qualifier Champions!

2004 ARizona Bluebirds Team

Arizona Bluebird Age 13 & under girls BB team. We won the championship at the Arizona Athletic Union State qualifier, held in Gilbert, Az, on the 4th and 5th of June, 2004. The Bluebirds went undefeated in their efforts and will be participating in the Division II National Championships, to be held in the Phoenix area from the 26th of June to July 1st.

Back Row: Coach Teddy Draper, Jr., Lindall Yazzie, Arianna Sanchez, Nicole Nez, Tanisha Watson, Nicolette Tsosie, Coach Tawny Draper

Kneeling: Shandall Yazzie, Eva Stuart, Angelina Sanchez (Not Shown: Tashina Fredricks, Raynita Lee, Chevonne Woody, Cera Yellowhair)

2005 Arizona Bluebirds - AAU Qualifier Champions!

2005 Arizona Bluebirds Team

Left to Right Kneeling: Shandell "Buzzy"Yazzie

Left to Right Sitting: Eva Stuart, Cera Yellowhair, Chevonne Woody, Lindall Yazzie

Left to Right Middle Standing: Head Coach - Teddy Draper, Jr., Coach Ophelia Garcia, Coach Sharon Watson, Coach Tawny Draper

Left to Right Back Standing: Talia Lee, Nicole Nez, Taneesha Watson, Nicolette Tsosie

2006 Arizona Bluebirds High School Girls
Native American Basketball Invitational Championship: Third Place Finish
Natasha Begay named to tournament All-Star team

Arizone Bluebirds 2006 girl's team, Coach Draper in the huddle

Time out! Coach Draper in a sideline huddle with the team in a game with the NN Lady Cats.

Arizona Bluebirds 14 & under: Nike National Qualifier team for that year

Arizone Bluebirds 14 and under team

Kneeling are: Lindall Yazzie, Shandall Yazzie, Reba Francisco, Eva Stuart, Shelby Watson.

Back row: Nicoletta Tsosie, Nicole Nez, Cera Yellowhair, Nicole Tsosie, Tahneesha Watson, Talia Lee.

2005 Arizona Bluebirds High School Girls

Arizone Bluebirds highschool team

Front row: Danalyn Cook, Nicole Watson, Talia Lee, Tasharai Francis, Nicoletta Tsosie.

Back row: Coach Draper, Melissa Peshlakai, Savannah Yonnie, Qourtnii Francis, Laticia Harkshan, Leah Chavez, Tawny Draper, Allie Tsosie.

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