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Teddy Draper, Jr.

Native American Artist, Teddy Draper, Jr., is the son of a WWII Navajo "Code Talker" Ted Draper, Sr. and has been the recipient of many prestigious awards for his art. He is a master of pastels and excels in oils, watercolor, traditional and contemporary design Navajo jewelry. The unique Draper pastel technique, constantly refined over thirty years, is his own personal style and his interpretation and artistic vision of what he calls "them unseen colors". Ted resides on the rim of the Canyon de Chelly near his studio and gallery with his wife, noted jeweler Ophelia Garcia.

Teddy, renowned painter and teacher, conducts annual seminars, "Exquisite Excursions - A Color Exploration Workshop" and devotes much of his time and efforts to the Chinle Youth Athletic Club. See the Arizona Bluebirds Basketball Gallery

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August 19-20, 2017: Teddy Draper, Jr. will be exhibiting his work at the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Artists Workshops - Painting The Rez Navajo Style in Chinle, AZ:
For information on scheduling color workshops and excursions please visit Teddy Draper, Jr. Artists Workshops

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Teddy Draper, Jr. - 2016 Navajo Jewelry Collection

Teddy's handcrafted Navajo Jewelry

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Beauty Before Me

Teddy Draper Jr., Beyond Before me

Beauty Before Me, Beauty Behind Me, Beauty Above Me, Beauty Below Me, Beauty All Around Me
Giclee on paper, 15" x 30", edition of 30, $1,200 - only 3 left.

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